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April 2007
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Side Tracked April 13th, 2007

Tangled RibbonsOr maybe that should be ‘On Track’ because organizing my stash is one of my goals for this year…I was side tracked from stitching today when I went to get a piece of satan ribbon to put a bow on the birthday block…confronted with this tangled mess I started sorting them, I started by dividing them into rough colour groups which I held together with a pin stuck through close to the end of each ribbon…I then took the colours one at a time, I put pieces shorter than 6″ into a small box and rolled the longer lengths around a piece of styrene foam, the remaining pieces I further sorted into wide and thin ribbons and held each group together with safty pins, so that I don’t have to open the pins everytime I want a piece of ribbon the pin is very close to the end of each ribbon so that I lose less than 1/4″ of ribbon when I cut pieces from the pin.

I threaded the pins onto a length of coat hanger wire which I attached to the lid of the basket so that when I open the basket the lid pulls up the end of every piece of ribbon so that I can see what is there.

sorted ribbons