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April 2007
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Woven Fans – Details 219 and 220 April 1st, 2007

Woven Fan seam in my visual journalThis sketch in my visual jouranl is of a seam on one of Sharon’s Blocks.

The first seam below is how I interpreted it on my Box Top

woven fans on box top

This second seam is how I interpreted it today on the birthday block.

woven fan on birthday block

The Fan is woven over 7 spokes…To get the spokes of the fan even I draw the fan on the back of the block…Bring the thread up close to the bottom of an edge spoke, rethread with a tapestry needle (if you don’t have a tapestry needle use the eye end of the needle for the weaving) and weave over and under to the other end.

woven fan steps a b c

Go around the end spokes so that the weave is reversed in the opposite direction…For a tight weave use the needle to push the woven rows tightly together…Continue weaving until there is no more of the spokes showing and take the thread through to the back…Note varigated threads with quick changes between colours work better than the one that I used for this sample.

woven fan steps d e f