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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
April 2005
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Chain mail April 20th, 2005

Hi Pog and all who commented with a guess as to how I made the wire fan…pog having been first in I would have a prize for you if it were crochet but it is not….it is knitting …But then maybe you should have a prize as I have just done an experiment and crochet a wire fan and as you can see in this photo there is no visual difference between the knitted and crochet look of the wire, I think that the reason you all jumped the way of crochet rather than knitting is because instead of casting off, I had run a piece of wire through the last row of loops which kept it pliable so that it pulled into a ring like crochet does…

knitted and crochet wire fans

And why you wonder would I want to be knitting wire in the first place….It started with my son learning to make chain mail by wrapping wire into a spring, cutting the rings and linking them together to make the chain mail…we were told that some of the medieval mail was knitted, we have not been able to find any documentation of this and it may have been a miss understanding of word use as making it from the rings is referred to as knitting chain mail…in the meantime I couldn’t resist seeing if wire could be knitted of course mine is only beading wire which would supply not protection….below are some of Sam’s chain mail, it is lovely stuff to hold and play with…

Cain mail made by Sam

Wire Fan April 18th, 2005

knitted wire FanI made this wire Fan the other night from a sample of something else that I was experimenting with…when I finished it I wondered if people would be able to guess how I made it…decided to put it up tonight and ask if anyone has Any Guesses as to how I made it???….send me a comment if you think you know how I made it…..

Post script..I used knitting needles to knit the wire and then shaped it into the fan.

Altered dresses April 16th, 2005

I had a lovely night on thursday night when my sister and niece came over to go through my box of 1970s and ’80s cloths, looking for dresses to wear for their party on Friday night…We laughed joked and remembered as we tried them on…2 that could be altered were chosen, we took the top off of one and the bottom off of the other….here are before and after photos of both dresses.

Cream dress before Both dresses after alteration Green dress before

The cream dress was given to me about 8 years ago to cut up for my crazy quilting but even though I never imagined that it would ever be worn again it always seemed to fairy tale pretty to cut up and I ma glad that I didn’t because with the very puffy sleeves and high neck cut off it was lovely on my sister and I still get the sleeves for my crazy quilting….The green dress is the one I made for my 6th form farewell (last year of high school) in 1974. I ummed and arred about wether to let the bottom be cut off or not but some of the fabric was damaged so it could never be warn long again and my niece will get more ware out of it short then I did as a long dress….The Party on friday night was fun too.

A red carpet April 10th, 2005

It is autumn and the leaves are falling…I love this red carpet of leaves that have fallen overnight onto my newly planted seedlings.

A red carpet of leaves

Little Birdy … April 7th, 2005

For something to do at the quilting group meeting I took along one of my knitted squares, some black yarn and a crochet hook which gets another of my UFOs started again, I have to crochet around all the knitted squares and bring them up to the same size so that I can join them into a blanket.

I had a little visitor this afternoon, a baby Maggpie, he hopped in through the open door and made himself at home…flew around the room a few times, Posed for my camera, left me a ‘message’ on the top shelf and flew out again.

A little bird did visit my studio

Sparking inspiration April 2nd, 2005

A few weeks ago I went over to help Sharon in her garden, I offered to go over because after several years of draught, water restrictions, neglect and no Budget to replace anything my own garden is somewhat dead and uninspiring but I enjoy digging in the garden and it did take me a while to convince Sharon that I really do enjoy weeding but once convinced she left me to dig out the couch grass and we had a lovely day…I expected nothing in return but Sharon, who hates couch, sent me how with some cuttings, several clumps of hyacinth bulbs and a couple of punnets of pansies…

Isn’t it wonderful how in helping other people we can help ourselves…it has only taken those few plants to reinspire interest in my own garden….I started by wondering around looking for a spot to plant them, the front yard is barren and exposed and offered no suitable spots…My side garden was the opposite, being so overgrown that I just about had to cut my way in, I chose a spot at the end, wandered briefly if it was a waste to plant them in such a hidden spot but I have always loved the serenity of secret gardens and set about weeding, digging the soil over and planting the seedlings and bulbs….The clumps of bulbs where very tight packed and that garden full there was still a couple of clumps to plant so I pruned the rose in the next garden bed along, weeded it, repaired the garden edge and planted more bulbs, and then I planted some in the bath tub outside my studio door and in the corner of another garden and still I have a clump to plant so I am going to extend the first garden bed to join another one which will remove an awkward corner…..

In the meantime my hot water system has died, the plumber explained that the new one would be installed outside (gives me an extra storage cupboard in the laundry) so we had a look and the logical place required me to move a garden bed which required me to rethink the whole space, the rose and the orange trumpet plant are both hardy, will transplant well and be a start for the front garden and with them gone I thought that I could pave around it with the slate rocks that I have been saving for something special and plant Alyssum and other little plants in the cracks…As it turns out I am going to get Solar Hot water which will go on the roof but I am happy for being forced to rethink the are as it is still a good idea to move the garden bed as it cramps the tap and I am sick of ducking under the bush…that part of it will take time but I am enthusiastic again and the early Autumn weather is just perfect for being out in the garden…

…With the garden starting to look pretty good after my 3 days of working on it I wished that I could mow the lawn…I have a lawn mower, it was old when I bought it 10 years ago, since then it has been serviced and had new blades put on once, for the last 5 years it has mowed my sisters lawn as well as my own…The Problem is getting it started, for years my sister was the only one who could start it, we were highly amused a few years ago when a friend was going to mow my lawn but couldn’t start it, my sister arrived and within a few minutes had it started…a few weeks later same friend goes to mow my lawn but try as he might it wouldn’t start, my sister arrived and worked her magic….she analysed what she was doing and has taught me how to jiggle the spark plug, turn on the petrol, push the little black button several times and wiggle the thing on the handle, all of which I can do but I need somebody else with a stronger arm to pull the cord…My son picked it up from my sister the other day, we filled it with petrol, I did the jiggles and wiggles and he did the pull but there was no spark which didn’t surprise me as it had sat on my sisters porch unstarted for 3 months and we have joked in the past that my son can break a lawn mower just by looking at it…

Whilst wishing this afternoon I looked at the lawn mower, I jiggled the spark plug, turned on the petrol, pushed the black button, wiggled the bit and pulled the cord…just one dainty pull was all it took for my wish to come true because once started it didn’t balk at the length of the grass and my secret garden is starting to look good again and as it progresses I will explain how I think the same in my garden designing as I do when I am crazy quilting…