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August 2008
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My Band Sampler 93 – Details 699 to 701 – Stitch Along and a New Element August 30th, 2008

Stitch along

The Stitchinfingers Hand Embroidery group have started a Stitchalong…I have recorded the stitch along on my sampler with the stitching fingers URL and because this is a world wide Stitch Along I thought that it would be nice to use the globe bead that I bought at the craft show but the bead is a 1/2 diameter, a little to bulky to roll into the sampler, I pinned it to the edge while I thought about it, I liked it on the edge and I have a few more ideas for charms that I can attach on the side after I put the binding on…Adding charms to the side is a new design element for me to play around with, when I showed Sharon she called them Tags.

As I have now joined the Stitch Along I am changing from following the Take a Stitch Tuesday list to the Stitch Along stitch List. The first stitch on the List is Algerian eye Stitch, which is the last stitch I did, next stitch on the list is Arrowhead stitch which I have started with a row of the basic stitch.

Threads for July take it further coloursThis is also this start of my Take it Further July Colours

My Band Sampler 92 – Detail 698 – Olympic Games August 24th, 2008

Olympic games on my sampler

This year I found myself watching a lot of the Olympic Games, to record it on my sampler I have combined several elements, as far as I can work out from Googleing Chinese symbols the Chinese character is that for Olympic games…The blank space is where I was going to embroider the Olympic rings but when I came to do them I remembered that there are strict rules as to when the rings can be used and I decided not to use them without permission, for now I have left the space blank although after the closing ceremony I thought that if I can find a small enough one, a Red London Bus would fit well, the colour would round out my design and it also links to the next games….I finished it with a scroll because I liked the way they used the scroll theme.

My Band Sampler 91 – Details 696 and 697 – Le Tour de France August 20th, 2008

buildings on an old samplerOne night in July 2005 I chanced to go into the room where my son and a friend were watching Le Tour De France, I stood watching it with them for a quite a while before sitting down and watching the rest of what turned out to be stage 3, I was addicted, I watched every night of the rest of that race and each year since I look forward to July when I can watch ‘my race’ again…I am not generally a sport watching person so my absolute fascination with the race is a bit hard to understand, what is somewhat easier to understand is that I love the old towns they ride through and the country, cathedrals and chateaus that the cameras fly over and when I showed Sharon the bike I was doing she told me that I also needed a chateau…I didn’t end up doing a chateau but in my search for a pattern I found a tiny photo of a street of houses on an old sampler, I photographed it to get a bigger image of the buildings from which I took the outline and then I experimented with different ways to fill the roof and wall areas and was happy with the finished effect.

Le Tour De France

My Band Sampler 90 – Detail 694 and 695 – 5th panel Started with Sampler Statistics August 13th, 2008

My Band Sampler 6 m0nths Statistics

It is 6 Months since I started this sampler and to mark the 6 months I have started the 5th panel with a summary of the information that I record on the back of the sampler.

The seam at the bottom is a row of elongated Algerian eye stitches.

I started backing the panels of my sampler with a light weight fabric because I like the firmer feel of the double layer of fabric…I then realized that I could also use the backing fabric to record statistical information…the number on the right hand side are the blog post detail numbers, numbers preceded by letters are the stitch count ie ch29 is the 29th chevron stitch variation, the number on the left side is the running count of details on the sampler, I also record the panel number and the date I start and finish each panel and along the edge I mark the length in feet and metres.

detail on back of band sampler

My Band Sampler 89 – 4th Panel Finished August 11th, 2008

My sampler panel 4Ribbons for sampler edges

My Band Sampler All 4 panelsI have finished the 4th panel of my band sampler…

For the first 3 panels I used Burgundy/Maroon coloured ribbons to edge them, a part of my brain wanted to keep the dark red edges as a constant for the length of the sampler, another part of my brain kept whispering that changes in the colour along the edge would be more exciting…Guess which part won out, I have purchased ribbon in a range of colours…and to add another twist I have changed colour mid panel and only on one side so the left hand side is burgundy and the right hand side starts with Burgundy and changes to gold.

I placed the change of colour at the 10 feet mark.

Total length of the 4 panels is 13 feet…

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2 Days at the Quilt Show August 10th, 2008

At the craft showOn Thursday I went to the Craft and Quilt Fair with Sharon and another friend. The Canberra Quilters Exhibition was as wonderful as we have come to expect, a fabulous variety of exciting quilts all beautifully hung.

We met up with Doreen of Creative meanderings for Lunch and spent a small fortune on Linen for My Sampler, I also bought a few beads and charms and a new pair scissors.

On Saturday I went back out to the craft and quilt fair to meet up with a coupe of out of town fiends, had a lovely time catching up with them, found Sharon, who had gone back for a second look, and added some gold fabrics, some colour streams thread and some very cute miniature tools, that will fit nicely into my sewing box, to my purchases.

what I bought at the quilt and craft show

My Band Sampler 88 – Details 691 to 693 August 1st, 2008

Algerian Eye Stitch and Eyelet Stitch

Top Row…while I was stitching the seams with the bar crossing over the central stitch I thought what if I angle the stitch out from the seam, the result is this delightfully simple seam of zig zag with a dashed line either side.

That is the end of my ideas for Chevron Stitch and I am now moving on to Algerian Eye and Eyelet Stitch, The week 6 TAST stitch. On the left there is an eyelet stitch, the middle stitch is Algerian eye stitch and on the right a heart shaped eyelet stitch.

The bottom row is 1/4 Eyelet stitches that I will use to join this panel to the next one.