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April 2006
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All that Jazz Quilts are now in America April 16th, 2006

handing over the quilts

Sharon Blogged the handing over of the quilts and there departure from Australia. The All that Jazz quilts are now safely with Willa in America. I will advise ebay details when I know them.

I got my son to take this photo to show you the lengths that we went to to get a good photo of the quilts or should that be the heights I went to…and still I didn’t succeed, my digital camera is only 2. mega pixels which is fine for the close up work I mostly photograph but it distorts the edges of the quilts, the photos I took from the roof did have the quilts looking squarer then earlier photos but then the light was not good enough and the photos were no better than we already had…I was probably trying to do the impossible as I don’t think any photo is ever going to show just how vibrant and wonderful these quilts are in the real.

the heights I went to

Happy Easter to all