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April 2007
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One Stitch 4 Seams – Details 227 to 230 April 4th, 2007

The first 3 seams below are on my boxtop…The stitch I started with was Italian Insertion stitch which I found on page 125 of The Embroidery Bible by Betty Barnden…The first one looks completly unlike the diagram and I can’t remember how I did it.

Italian insertion stitch 01

My second attempt and I still only looked at the diagram instead of reading the instructions and consequently I did the buttonhole stitch part from the outside to the centre…actually I like this one better than the original.

Italian insertion stitch 02

3rd attempt and I got it, although it still looks different from the diagram because the stitch is intended for joining 2 pieces of fabric so the stitches need to be close together but as I am useing it as a decorative stitch I have spaced the side stitches further apart which gives it a webby, lacey look.

Italian insertion stitch 03

It is a long time since I did the seams above so I had to get the directions out again…I thought that I would end up with a seam that would look very similar to the one above but oops I didn’t make the seam as wide and only did 2 buttonhole stitches instead of the 4…It would seam that missreading instructions is a good way to come up with different stitches.

Italian insertion stitch 04