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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
January 2005
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UFOs Found… January 31st, 2005

Last week I decided that 2005 was to be the year of the UFO…In quilting Jargon that is Unfinished Objects, all those projects that have been started over the years and never finished…Before I get to finishing UFOs I need to get all the little bags of beads, buttons, laces and bits for my crazy quilting sorted…But before I do that I need to get the borders on the traditional quilt that I am making to go in a friends book…made from my stash of quilting cottons, (mostly from the 1980s) I needed a fabric for the border but what to use? deciding that a plain pink would work I had just the piece, I had bought it for the sashing of a sampler quilt, one of those UFOs and off I trotted to the UFO box…but alas it was not there….I looked in all the obvious places that it could be, then I looked in a few not so obvious places, I looked in cupboards and boxes and again in all the places I thought I might have put it, no where to be seen… when did I move it? where could it be? Puzzled I realized that I was not going to find it in a hurry and I went back to my stash to find another fabric that would work as the border of the quilt.

Once the borders where on the quilt my mind went back to the missing quilt top and I started looking again, first another cursery look through the whole house and then a thougher look room by room, Box by box…As I looked I remembered other UFOs that were also missing, quite a number of them, could I have put them out in the shed, I think not but I looked anyway…they were becoming the Un Findable objects and I was becoming obsessed as I looked through the house again,opening every box and every bag wether I thought I knew what was in them or not…2 days had passed, a friend suggested that they had mutated to Unidentified flying objects and flown back to their planet of origin, I was going crazy and was ready to beleive anything…where else could they be?…I could see nowhere that there shape would fit..but maybe I rolled them up and stored them in a cylinder?…No but there lurking in a dark corner of my studio, under the box of cylinders was one last elusive box that I had not opened…UFO was Found along with several others I hadn’t remembered…. I wonder were they breeding in that box?