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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
July 2020
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My Band Sampler 207 – TAST II stitch 06 Eyelet Buttonhole Flower Stitch – Details 1081 to 1082 May 5th, 2010

Eyelet Buttonhole Flower

Eyelet Buttonhole flower on my box top
I didn’t do very many of these Eyelet Buttonhole flowers, I love how they look but I realy do not enjoy doing Bullion stitch…On the few I did do I tested out different thread types…The dark pink flower is a fine silk thread, the light pink flower is a soft cotton pearl twist thread, the gold flower is a Rayon Pearl twist thread.

Box for my crazy quilted box topOn My Box top I did a cluster of 3 eyelet buttonhole flowers and finished them with detached chain stitch leaves.

My Band Sampler 206 – TAST II stitch 05 more Knotted Buttonhole – Details 1078 to 1080 May 1st, 2010

Knotted buttonhole stitch and easter

or Easter I used the knotted buttonhole stitch as a needle weaving fill to make a basket….I cut the eggs from a CD, drilled holes near the bottom to stitch them on below the line of the basket and painted them with acrylic paint.

Box for my crazy quilted box topbelow is knotted buttonhole stitch on done on my boxtop.

knotted buttonhole on crazyquilt

My Band Sampler 205 – TAST II stitch 05 Knotted Buttonhole – Details 1071 to 1077 April 27th, 2010

Knotted buttonhole stitch

These are my first lot of Knotted Buttonhole stitch

For the second band I added 2 extra buttonhole stitches to each step.

For the third band I added 2 extra bottonhole stitches and flop flopped the stitches from side to side.

For the fourth band I did the buttonhole stitches in clusters of 3 before looping them together.

The change of background colour is for the change of the month.

For the fifth band I added the extra 2 buttonhole stitches and flip flopped the stitches so that they also topped and tailed along the line.

The last band is the basic stitch flip flopped, with the stitches topped and tailed.

My Band Sampler 204 – TAST II stitch 04 Portuguese Border – Details 1065 to 1070 April 23rd, 2010

Portuguese border stitch

These are my Portuguese Border stitch Variations.

The third band is what I was trying to do in the second band but instead of doing the second colour nwxt ot the first colour I found that I had to put the needle over and then under the thread of the first colour (see image below).

The third band has the foundation stitches with alternating narrow and wide spaces (see image below).

for the bottom band I did alternating foundation stitches as 2 smaller stitches.

Portugese border stitch how to a variation Portugese border stitch how to a variation

To use this stitch on a crazy quilt I have done it on a Beret that is a slow work in progress.

Portugese border stitch on a beret

My Band Sampler 203 – TAST II stitch 03 used on a crazy quilt- Details 1062 to 1064 April 9th, 2010

start panel eleven with beaded hedebo edge

When I was starting this Panel a friend showed me sorbello stitch so I used it to hold down the hem of the panel and to stitch the P of panel.

For the row of Beaded Hedebo Edge I have to thank Smockerytast….Instead of doing 2 rows side by side I did one row of the base stitch and then added a second cross on top of each long cross, you need to be carful when taking the first stitch, that you catch just the threads of the top cross after the first stitch the rest stitches up the same as normal, I liked the way this worked and used this variation on my Box top

Beaded Hedebo edge used on a crazy quilt

My Band Sampler 202 – TAST II stitch 03 Alice in Wonderland – Detail 1061 April 8th, 2010

I did this detail after seeing the 3D Alice in Wonderland…I used the setup stitch for beaded Hedebo edging as the frame, I painted the Teapot Pink and Blue and used pins and beads to make hat Pins for the Mad Hatters Hat.

Alice in Wonderland

LINC is for Living in networked community, a supported independant accommodation program that my daughter has applied for, the interview went well and all I can do now is cross my fingers.

My Band Sampler 199 – TAST II stitch 03 – Beaded Hedebo Edge – Details 1047 to 1053 March 24th, 2010

These are my first Beaded Hedebo Edges. Every time I do the base of cross stitches for this stitch I think how pretty it is, so when I used it as a frame I added only the beads to it.

Beaded Hedebo Edge

My Band Sampler 198 – TAST II stitch 02 – Knotted Loop Stitch, inpired by others and on crazy quilting – Details 1043 to 1046 March 19th, 2010

Again after doing variations of the stitch that seemed obvious to me I had a look around the blogs linked to Sharon’s comments and found a few ideas that I liked.

I found the top detail on Doreen’s blog.

I found 2 Blogs who saw fish in the knotted loop stitch and was interested in how differently they used the stitch to make there fish skeletons. both stitchers have also used the knotted loop stitch to make seaweed with there fish.

The fish on the right is a Stitchinwomen skeleton fish

The fish on the right is a Caro-Rose-Creations fish skeleton

knotted loop stitch inspired by others

I saw similar variations to the bottom detail on several blogs and it is the variation that I have used on a crazy quilt.

knotted Loop stich on my box top

My Band Sampler 197 – TAST II stitch 02 – More Knotted Loop Stitch – Details 1041 to 1042 – Arboretum Open Day March 17th, 2010

Bird Sculpture at the Canberr Arboretum

knotted loop stitch trees

Knotted Loop Stitch makes good leaves and it follows that it could also make good trees and I used it to create the trees in this detail that records a lovely early morning walk with friends at the National Arboretum being etablished in Canberra…The site of the arboretum has panoramic views of Canberra in all directions, The Hot Air Ballons were up and after the rain we have had recently everything is green and as pretty as a picture…

The Bird on the Mountain could well be to represent the Sculpture of a bird on his nest at the Arboretum(great sculpture made out of old rusty metal car bits and tools), but its not, what looks like a mountain was supposed to look like my roof,off in the distance, just pocking out above the trees and the Bird on My roof is to represent Bird Roofing Restorations who restored my roof last week.

The detail at the bottom is Knotted loop stitch with beads added.

My Band Sampler 196 – TAST II stitch 02 – Knotted Loop Stitch – Details 1036 to 1040 March 15th, 2010

Knotted Loop Stitch

The little bit at the top is a last diamond stitch because I wanted to see how it would stitch with Metalic thread.

The first Row of Knotted Loop Stitch is the basic stitch done in a size 5 cottojn pearl thread.

The second row, done with a soft thick cotton thread, forms curves down each side by altering the length of the stitch.

Leaves is an obvious use for knotted Loop stitch.

On the 10th of March a third baby elephant was born in Australia, this little guy, nick named Mr Shuffles is kinda special, thought to have died in in the womb only to be born alive and now after a shaky start is doing well…I have used knotted loop stitch to frame his photo.

The bottom row is the thick soft cotton thread with one straight side and one shaped side making it look like a fringe.