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April 2007
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Painted detail – Detail 232 April 6th, 2007

first ideas for horse detail in visual journalThe pencil sketch is my first ideas for a picture seam to represent that my 2 youngest brothers and a sister in law worked with horses.

I thought that an embroidered track would be to textured for the scale of my horse charm so I decided to paint the track…scary decision, paint can’t be undone like stitches if it doesn’t work…best have a practice which I did in my visual journal.

Experimenting in my visual journal

I used acrylic paint and the fabric was easier to paint than I thought it would be and I think it will work…time to be brave and put paint on my block…

I built the scene up in layers letting the paint dry each time before adding the next layer.

I started by covering the area with brown…..

first layer of paint

The second layer is splodges of dark green along the edges and a little bit on the track.

second layer of paint

I then used lighter browns and greens and a finer brush to blend the track area and add grassy details to the edges.

third layer of paint detail

I used single strands of brown and green embroidery thread to add just a little bit of texture and finer details, stem stitch for the fence and finished the seam by extending the tip of the climbing rose to make it apart of the picture.

embroidered detail on paint

The 19th block for my mum’s memory quilt.

19th block finished for mum