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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
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My Band Sampler 206 – TAST II stitch 05 more Knotted Buttonhole – Details 1078 to 1080 May 1st, 2010

Knotted buttonhole stitch and easter

or Easter I used the knotted buttonhole stitch as a needle weaving fill to make a basket….I cut the eggs from a CD, drilled holes near the bottom to stitch them on below the line of the basket and painted them with acrylic paint.

Box for my crazy quilted box topbelow is knotted buttonhole stitch on done on my boxtop.

knotted buttonhole on crazyquilt

My Band Sampler 1621 – Detail 911 to 915 Mmore Feather Stitches July 2nd, 2009

More Feather StitchesTrellis Stitch into the Vs of the feather stitch.

My Band Sampler 160 – Detail 878 – Panel 7 Finished March 1st, 2009

My Band Sampler Panel 7This is the 7th panel of my sampler (The first 6 panels can be seen here)…It brings the total length to 27 feet 2 inches…This panel is made up of 3 fabrics, the middle one being the one I printed my memorial to the floods and bushfires and where I joined it onto the bottom fabric I covered the seam by painting about 1/2 inch below the seam and a bit over the seam with brown paint and then used random feather stitches to add a touch of green vegetation for the new growth that will come.

further stitch used for adding plant growth

The Tags/bookmarks down the side of this panel are a sewing charm to mark the samplers anniversary, an Australia map charm to mark Australia day and a heart to mark Valentines day.

Needlework charm to mark sampler anniversariesAn Australian charm to tag Australia dayA heart charm to tag valentines day

My Band Sampler 156 – Details 895 to 899 – Feather Stitch February 19th, 2009

trimming Feather Stitch

The top 3 lines are simple ideas for using beads or Colonial Knots to trim Feather Stitch.

Detached Chain Stitch also makes a lovely trim for Feather Stitch.

The last line is another idea for overlapping rows this one has the 2 rows side and partially overlapped.

My Band Sampler 154 – Details 889 to 891 – Feather Stitch February 17th, 2009

overlapped Feather Stitch

These Feather Stitch Variations are formed with 2 rows stitched in the same direction and overlapped.

The first 2 rows have the main feather stitch shadowed with a metallic thread.

The third line has the 2 rows half overlapped with some of the stitches in the second row superimposed over those on the first row.

My Band Sampler 154 – Details 885 to 888 – Feather Stitch February 16th, 2009

overlapping feather stitch

This lot of Feather Stitch are variations formed by stitching 2 rows in opposite directions.

The first line has the 2 row side by side.

The second row has the arms of 2nd row overlapping the arms of the first row.

The third line has the 2nd row staggered.

The last row has the 2nd row of stitching overlapping the first so that 2 sections of the stitch overlap.

My Band Sampler 153 – Detail 884 – Feather Stitch Valentine February 14th, 2009

For Valentine’s Day I used Feather Stitch to outline a Heart and added a red Colonial Knot to each arm of the Feather Stitch…A Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers.

Valentine\'s Day Heart

My Band Sampler 152 – Details 880 to 883 – Feather Stitch February 13th, 2009

still more feather stitch

these feather stitch variations are the result of stitching 2 rows side by side.

The first row is 2 rows of the basic stitch…When I saw the heart shapes appear I stitched the 2 rows from the bottom to show the heart right way up…For the third line I altered the stitch by making the outside stitches shorter and trimmed them with beads.

The 2 rows of stitching in the last row are still side by side but staggered so that the 2 rows interlock, I also used a deep but narrow V because I only had a narrow space left to fill.

My Band Sampler 149 – Details 871 to 877 – Feather Stitch February 10th, 2009

and more Feather stitch

Last night my feather stitch variations were mainly angle with some stitch length changes…Tonight I was working mainly on stitch length with some angle changes.

Again the first line is a control basic feather stitch with which to compare the rest.

On the second line I made the outside arm a longer stitch…it didn’t look like I had imagined it would so I tried again, elongating the stitch more as well as the longer outer arms, line 3 is what I had imagined.

The fourth line has shorter outer arms.

The fifth line has shorter outer arms as well as a straighter spine.

The sixth row is closed feather stitch.

The last line has the outer arms pointing inwards.

My Band Sampler 148 – Details 864 to 870 – Feather Stitch February 9th, 2009

more feather stitch

This block of Feather Stitch is playing with the angle of the stitch and stitch size.

I started with a line of basic feather stitch as a reference point for the rest of the block.

The second line slopes the needle further towards the centre which makes the central spine straigter.

The third and fourth lines are from angling the needle straight down, line 4 has a longer stitch which makes a wider seam.

The fifth line has a narrow spacing at the top with the needle angled almost down making a long stitch creating deep Vs.

The sixth line has a wide top and when the needle is angled almost towards the centre it creates wide shallow V’s.

The seventh row shows what happens if the angle in the sixth row is pushed even further so that it points directly at the centre…What happens is that the stitch formed is called Cretan Stitch