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April 2007
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TAST week 14 Bonnet Stitch – Details 222 to 226 April 3rd, 2007

Bonnet Stitch, the TAST week 14 stitch is one that I have not done before and as it has a couple of manourvers to form it, I decided to do a sample to get the feel of the stitch.

Tast 14 test 1On the first sample I miss read the instructions and didn’t go though the fabric on the second loop stitch, I finished the seam by alternating the actual stitch with my mistake stitch.

Tast 14 test 2On the second sample I made the upright stitches longer which made it a more open stitch.

Getting into the swing of this stitch I worked my third sample as a 2 sided seam…it took me a couple of tries to work out the direction of the loop for the mirrored side and my spacing and tension are a bit uneven but it was worth the trouble the finished stitch has a nice curvey look to it.

Tast 14 test 3

On the next seam I did the looped part of the stitch as a twisted loop.

Tast 14 test 4

block 19 for mums quiltTo use this stitch on one of my works in progress I had to make another block for mum’s quilt…I did the 2 sided variation and made the top stithces shorter than the bottom ones…I had planned on putting beads along the bottom but when the stitch was done I decided that it was pretty enough to stand alone.

19th block nearly naked