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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
April 2007
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TAST Week 17 – Running Stitch – Details 249 to 251 April 26th, 2007

Running Stitch in Visual JournalFor a technically simple stitch, Running Stitch is quit a challenge to use as a seam treatment on crazy quilting.

As I drew thoughts into my visual journal, I realized that I was being influenced by having been a quilter and was thinking of running stitch as used for quilting patterns.

So will they translate into a seam treatment? only way to find out is to try one.

running stitch seam treament - not

Well that didn’t work…If I had done it straight onto one of the blocks for mum’s quilt I would probably have pulled it out but as this is a sampler block I thought What If? What if I laced another thread through the running stitches to make them a continous line…

Running stitch seam treament

The lacing produced an eccentric looking seam which I liked enough to do on one of mum’s blocks. The lacing on the first seam pulled the fabric in a lot so the second time I was careful to keep the running stitches loose to prevent the pulling…I finished the seam with a couple of bugle beads in the enclosed spaces (I couldn’t decide wether to use dark or light beads so used both).

Running Stitch an a crazy quilt seam

I used waste canvas to get the spacing for this next running stitch seam…It works OK but was a lot of bother and I don’t feel inclined to copy it.

another seam with running stitch