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April 2007
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How do you know when a crazy quilt block is finished? April 18th, 2007

How do you know when a crazy quilt block is finished? A Frequently asked question…most common answer is that the block will tell you…I will add to that, that sometimes it is helpfull to get a second opinion.

When I finished embroidering the seams on this block I expected to add several embellishments but after adding the button cluster I placed a few charms but could see no where else that needed further embellishment…the block was telling me that it was finished but with so few embellishments I didn’t beleive it till I got a second opinion. I asked Sharon when I visited her for a sewing afternoon and she agreed that it was finished…I used to add embellishments to a block as I thought of them, often keeping seam stitches low key and then putting embellishments over them, this year I have been thinking seam treatments and because my seams are becoming fancier they read on the block as embellishments which is why the block is finished sooner than I expected.

The charms I added are a teapot, a moon, a heart, a dragonfly and there is a tiny butterfly bead hiding in the lace.

teapot charm Moon Charm Heart Charm

Dragonfly charm Butterfly Charm

And Here is the Finished Block

Finished Block