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October 2006
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The Eleventh Hour October 18th, 2006

It would seem to be the story of my life, no matter how good my intentions of planning ahead and giving myself enough time to be organized it is inevitably the eleventh hour before I actually manage to get things done…My sister has been asking me for months what I wanted to do for my 50th Birthday, I wanted a party but I don’t really like big parties that tend to have load music that I can’t talk over, my house isn’t designed for parties, I have a limited budget and I just couldn’t get my head around organizing anything. A few weeks ago she pinned me down and said that we could have a party at her house and asked what day of the week my birthday was, I didn’t even know that so she got a calander, found out that it was a Sunday, her next question was if we have it on the day what time, for this question she gave me a multiple choise night time, early evening, afternoon tea time….At that point she could stop because I would like an Afternoon Tea Party….Then more time passed as I had the the crazy get together (Viv now has more photos on her blog too), I then lost more time because I had hurt my back and it took a while to heal, so before I knew it, with only 2 weeks to the date, the Eleventh hour for sending out invitations had come…Again my sister came to my rescue, she and my neice sat me down again and we wrote a list of what would need doing and when, we wrote the guest list and worked out the wording for the invitation, once I had the wording I was able to type it up, after I had the words done I thought about what I could do for the background…I want to have different cup/saucer and plate settings for everyone and had started looking in the local op shops where I found the cup I used for the background image, it has no saucer or plate but that didn’t matter because I just so love the cup and was very happy with how it photographed…now that the invitations are done I just have to work throught the list we wrote but right now it is time I went to bed before my son rings me to pick him up from the train station, it will be good to see him…

invitation to my 50th

Altered Book – Less and Less Pages, A Lesson Learnt October 7th, 2006

When I showed the the toy page I pointed out that the page had split at the spine but as each page was glued to the ones either side it was secure and I liked the look for that page…But I didn’t want it on every page and worse still pages started to fall out…The Lesson Learnt Start with a book that has a Stitched spine…Umm what to do?…Abandon this one, learn the lesson from it and start again?…But I like the pages I have done and it is not in my nature to abandon and I think that my creativity is more stimulated when I have a problem to solve..Sooo I will finish it in a simplified version, that is I let several of the pages fall out, that is less pages to fix and less pages to decorate to finish the finish, to fix the remaining pages I glued organza ribbon down the join of each page.

fixing the pages

Part of a Jig saw puzzle
As well as having less pages to simplify it I will make the pages less detailed than I otherwise would have, to start with I was going to do a page incorperating parts of a Jig Saw Puzzle, to keep it simple I have used just parts of the jigsaw puzzle, to make the page interactive I have placed a couple of pieces so that a bit is off the page and can be seen from other pages in the book, I have put one piece loose in one of the matchbox draws and there will be other pieces incorperated into or hidden in, the design of some of the other pages.

The Jigsaw Puzzle page

A perfect Spring Day October 6th, 2006

Now that our crazy quilt get together is over I have spent some time in the garden, trying to get enough mulch on to give it some chance of surviving a long hot summer with strict water restrictions. Yesturday was somewhat windy but today was a perfect spring day for being outside in the garden and I have taken a few more photos while out there, this purple one is from the same Parent plant as the white daisy that I showed on the 21st Setember…and both are different from the parent which is below.

Purple Daisy

Purple Parent

Having Fun Can be Exhausting October 3rd, 2006

Earlier in the year we were organizing a Crazy Quilt Retreat in Canberra, when the time came to pay the deposit we did not have the minimum number that the venue required and we had to cancel but decided that we could still have a get together, we billeted out of town girls and one of the local girls found us a venue where we could meet during the day.

To get us started Mr Chicken showed us how to do the chicken scratch…

Mr Chicken

Sharon found my hat
in the Chicken Scratch Sharon found a hat which she very kindly gave to me as it has Bermese Stumpworked elephants on it, and besides loveling stumpwork I also collect elephants…

Goody Bag

And thanks to our sponsors who generously sponsored our smaller get together, we had a bag of goodies for everyone and where able to put together enough prizes so that there was one for everyone in the lucky Prize draw and I would like to send out a Big Thank you to the following sponsors:


Dancing Needles – Punchneedle Embroidery

Threads and Things

Wabi-Sabi Designs

Canberra Needlework who kept ther shop open and supplied afternoon tea for us on the Saturday afternoon.

The Prizes

We also had show and tell, we stitched and shared, we went out for dinner on Saturday night…and we had a lot of fun and did a lot of laughing…
Sharon has more Photos on her Blog.

It is surprising though how having fun can make you so tired, I was absolutly exhausted when I got home Sunday evening but it was an absolutly wonderful weekend.