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Playing Castles October 31st, 2007

building a castleThis afternoon, after I had picked my neice up from school, we decided to work in the garden where we are building a castle…

It started with a tempory retaining wall that I built and she thought that it looked like a castle and I have wanted to build a castle ruin in the garden but hadn’t decided where, so we cleared the space, marked out a circle and built our castle wall…It also is only a tempory structure because I used the bricks that I bought for the paving under the pagola and to have the walls the hight I want the bricks will have to be mortered to make them stable but we put 2 seats, a table and some plants inside, and it makes a lovely little nook to sit and look out onto the garden from.

castle in the garden

Holiday Snaps Day 4

TAST Week 41 Lace Border Stitch – Details 409 and 410 October 30th, 2007

Today I moved onto tast week 41 Lace Border Stitch.

I Started by doing a row of the basic stitch to get a feel for it…A few stitches into the seam I realized that I was making each stitch slightly wider, to correct it I then made each stitch slightly smaller than the last so that the seam took on a nice curved shape.

Lace Border Stitch

On the next seam I added a bead before doing the twisted chain and then went back through the bead and continued the stitch.

Lace Border Stitch with beads

I blogged day 3 of my holiday.

TAST Week 40 Linked Double Chain (detail 408) and My Birthday October 29th, 2007

I carried the pink project kit north and carried it home again without doing a stitch on it but I did use some of the needles and threads for small repair jobs and I showed it to my sister in law so that it is no longer a secret…and even though I didn’t do any stitching on it while I was away having it all together meant that today, when I wanted to start on the missed TAST Stitches, everything was there ready to go so I just had to pick it up and start stitching…I have used a cotton perle thread for the first missed stitch, Linked Double Chain.

Take a stitch tuesday week 40 - Linked double chain

Today is my birthday which I have spent as a quit day, going through photos and blogging day 2 of my holiday, a visit from my sister and neices and talking on the phone as my mum, brothers and friends rang throughout the day.

Organizing the Holiday Photos October 28th, 2007

My first day home and it is cold and windy so it was good to have an excuse to stay inside and organize the photos….I have photos from my son’s and my camera, contained on 3 DVDs and 2 camera memory cards, I now have them organized into 25 folders, one for each day of my holiday and I have blogged day one.

I was asked Is there a story connected with the name Magnetic Island?, The answer from Wikipedia, The name of the island came about because of the apparent “magnetic” effect it had on the ship’s compass of Captain Cook as he passed the island when sailing up the east coast of Australia in 1770. People have since explored the general area of Magnetic Island with various instruments to discover whatever it was magnetic like Cook experienced, but nothing has been discovered.

I’m Home October 27th, 2007

I am home from my Tropical Island Holiday….I must confess that I didn’t want to come home and it has been a long day of travelling but it was nice to see my sister who picked me up from the airport and it will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.

I have 1,000 odd photos to go through…it will take me some time to get through them all and I have decided that the best way to organize them is to go through them day by day and backdate the blog posts to the day I took the photos.

I will leave you tonight with an image that I could have taken any day…Magnetic Island has lots of huge boulders, some of which can be seen in this image of a rocky shoreline.

Rocky Shoreline on Magnetic Island

Holiday Snaps Day 25 October 26th, 2007

Cristies swimming hole

We went out to Cristies, my brothers favourite swimming hole, where I took these photos.

Cristies swimming hole

Sampler at Halifax MuseumSampler # 2 at Halifax MuseumOn our way home from Christies we went to the Halifax Museum where I found these 2 old school samplers.

Holiday Snaps Day 24 October 25th, 2007

I looked after my nephew (age 6) this afternoon so that my brother could do a few hours work…We started playing UNO when my brother left, there was no rules in the box so I had to remember how to play (I couldn’t remember how many cards toto deal so we had a different number each game) then teach him how to play so it took us a while to get started but once we had the game worked out we had a lot of fun, I was impressed with him counting the cards as he dealt, firstly in English then in Italian which he is learning at school and then in German, his mothers native language and we chatted on about all sorts of things…We did have fun and we were still playing when my brother got home 3 1/2 hours later, I was surprised that so much time had elapsed because I wouldn’t have thought that I could sit on the floor for so long with out getting very uncomfortable.

I didn’t actual take any photos today so for tonights holiday image I have taken a photo of the things that I bought for my crazy quilting…

Purchased on Holiday

Holiday Snaps Day 23 October 24th, 2007

Bye Bye MumzyThe car is somewhat dusty because the road to West Point is a dirt road…This morning the Kids wrote Bye Bye Mumzy in the dust on the back window…They didn’t want me to leave and I didn’t want to leave but my bags were packed and it was time to go, they dropped me at the ferry terminal for the trip back over to townsville…Bye Bye Magnetic Island.

I had arranged to meet Patti, a crazy quilting friend, and she picked me up from the ferry…We had coffee and scones before heading off to look at a few shops and doing a bit of a tour of townsville, she took me up to the Castle Hill lookout where I took the photo looking over Townville to Magnetic Island.

Magnetic Island viewed from Castle Hill

We went to a restaurant for lunch and I ordered a Calamari Salad…Umm interesting meal, The Calamari served on a bed of lettuce was nothing special but when I got under the lettuce I found the most wonderful hot baked potato and sundried tomatos in an oil and vinegar dressing…YUM so yummy that even though the Calamari itself was a bit ho hum, I will remember the dish as one of the nicest that I have ever eaten.

After Lunch Patti dropped me at the bus stop, fortunaly we were early as I was just in time (I had the wrong departure time) to catch the bus to Ingham where my sister in law and Nephew picked me up…

Holiday Snaps Day 22 October 23rd, 2007

Woven Tree Branches

Painted EchidnaPainted KoalaI still have a couple of days staying with my brother before returning to Canberra but today is my last day on The Island…

It is Sam’s day off, we borrowed his friends car, I made a list of what I would still like to do and he spent the day driving me around the island.

First on the list was a few photos that I wanted to take…The tree above is some sort of fig, I love the way they send there root down from the branches to the ground and I particularly liked how some horizontally growing branches gave this tree a woven look.

Next on the list was to photograph some of the many painted telegraph poles…

On the left we have Echidnas.

On the right Koalas.

Below left has Possums and Curlews…and Below right Frogs.

Painted Curlew Painted Curlew Painted Frogs Painted Frogs

Rock WallabyWe went and fed the Rock Wallabys at Geoffrey Bay. I was thrilled to get this photo of a one with a Joey in its pouch.

Late afternoon we headed off to West Point to watch the Sunset.


And tonight he took me out to a Seafood Restaurant for an early birthday dinner…I Love Seafood.

My Photo however is not the restaurant we ate in but the one next door, which was a mexican restaurant that had been abandoned/deserted, there was a mirror that had been taken from the wall but just left on the table, a candle holder still sitting on the shelf, the potted plants were dead and like a ghost town it had drifts of leaves that had blown in…Sounds a bit eerie but contrary to my description I actually found something about the scene, set against the red brick wall, that I found quite enchanting.

Ghost Restaurant

Holiday Snaps Day 21 October 22nd, 2007

Time for an ice creamI went to Picnic Bay with some of Sam’s friends, it was a warm day and when we got there it was time for an ice cream.

The shelter sheds in the photo and those at the end of the pier, painted by the local shool children, are lovely and bright.

Picnic Bay Pier

I like this photo taken under the pier.

Under the pier at Picnic Bay