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Day 69 – The Front is coming together August 28th, 2006

Originally Blogged 26 April 2005

wheat stitch

The first part of this seam is wheat stitch which is one of the stitches that I did on the back but this time I put a tiny flower shaped bead between the wheat stitches, I made this seam dark and muted so that it would blend the 2 patches together so the eye would see the 2 as one shape, a stand out seam would have emphasized the square shape of the spotted fabric…The seam on the right is a buttonhole stitch variation done with metallic thread which holds its shape well.

2 stitches on the seam

I have also split this seam by using different stitches. the left side is a cretan stitch whipped with chenille thread and trimmed with straight stitches and star beads….the right side is double feather stitch trimmed with seed beads.

the front is coming together

This photo shows how I finished the seams that I had started the other night…I really like the big flowers but they do dominate the lower section which means that I have to keep other embellishments to a minimum and the dark spotted patch in the middle was still looking very squarish…beads scattered under the twist in the braid clashed with the big flowers so I simplified it by putting just a few beads in the twist of the braid…I was still having trouble balancing the block and creating flow until I moved the ribbon bow up near the lace motif that I had stitched up the top, the bow works well with the motif, the ribbon tails bring the lighter colour down, break up the spotted fabric and have started to create movement on the patch….and unless I come up with a bright idea whilst I sleep the movement will be continued with another bow across the bottom patches…..

The altered book has pop ups and pull outs and… August 28th, 2006

The altered book is to be a sampler so I want to use as many techniqes as I can in it…it has a pop up…the first image was before the final glaze and the second is the finished page.

altbook pop up before final glazealtbook pop up

And when I saw a picture using luggage tags in another book I thought umm I could do a pull out by attaching a card to a ribbon hidden between glued pages…the toy theme of the card I used has given me a general theme of old toys for that page and I have started a college for the page.

Altbook pull out

And on another page I have a window happening I have the frame cut with overhead projecter plastic for the window panes.

Window looking out