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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
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Creative Play Holiday August 19th, 2006

When I arrived at Jan’s she had already posted on her blog that I was coming for a creative play holiday.

Today working from the book ‘Altered books Workshop’ by Bev Brazelton we started making an altered book.

Altered book with draw and box

Thus far it has a match box set in as a draw and the hole cut for a shadow box.

Day 60 – Brides Maid Dress August 19th, 2006

I am on holiday…I debated with myself wether to pause the details till I returned or wether to write the drafts ready to post each day but did I have time to prepare 10 details…Then I realized that I could achieve 2 goals in one, when I announced last week that my brides maids dress was runner up in the creative clothing I couldn’t link to where I had blogged the details of its making because my old blog had become password protected when the company made some changes, before that happened I had saved the posts to my computer and have intended to transfer them into this blog and as it is the Bride that I am visiting I thought that it would be appropriate if I used those posts as my details while away…Apologies to those that did see them first time around

A new Crazy quilt Project – Originally posted on Wednesday, 06 April 2005

This morning I had a phone call….would I be brides maid for my friend who is getting married in 5 weeks? Yes….and what colour would I like to wear? she knew that I would say dark red/maroon….She emailed a couple of dress designs and we talked about them discussed what we had time to make, cost, and what would suit both of us…

Dress Design

This is the design she chose, the centre panel of the top (front and back) to be crazy patchwork, hers in creams, mine in maroons…So I have 4 weeks to make an 8″ x 50″ crazy quilted panel….It will be interesting because we have very different styles of work, we have often joked that she is big bits and fast, I am little bits and slow…well she is fast and already has hers pieced but has used smaller patches than she normally would and I will do mine bigger than I normally would and I will keep my embellishments simpler than normal which should speed me up a little.

As I started to pull fabrics I realized that it was also an opportunity to Blog a crazy quilted piece from conception to completion….First up I started pulling fabrics, I went through the box of fabrics from swaps and pulled out all the maroons and dark reds, I then went through my stash and pulled out all that took my fancy at a quick glance, I ended up with about 80 fabrics, far to many…I went through them taking out those that where to dark, to light, to purple or otherwise not right… I reduced it to about 60 which fabrics I packed up and took to Sharon’s when I went to visit this evening, she suggested the removal of several more fabrics, one of which I have kept in for now, it is a piece from a tie that is the right colour with little whales on it, Sharon’s thought was that whales weren’t suitable for a pretty dress for a wedding, I agree with her about wanting it to be pretty but my friend likes whales and I like hiding unexpected bits in my crazy so for now it stays in…when I got home I culled several more that where to pink when I want the overall balance of colour to be dark…I am left with about 30 fabrics which is probably about right for the area that I have to cover.

Dress Favbrics

Besides the fancy, after 5 and lace type fabrics that you would expect my selection of fabrics includes some quilters cottons, a piece of plain polyester and some stretch knit fabrics because they are the right colour and I like the textural difference of putting the shiny, fancy fabrics next to them.