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February 2008
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Silhouettes February 22nd, 2008

The Take it Further Design concept for February is What are you old enough to remember…I remember my aunty taking me to the Lismore Agricultural Show when I was 4 years old (1960), I remember boats floating around in a tank of water, I remember performing bears, dressed in cloths, riding bikes and pushing prams, I remember fairy floss and I remember being car sick on the windy road home…and I still have a silhouette that was cut that day

Today I went to the Royal Canberra Agricultural show, on the way in I was telling my friend what I remembered and when we came across the same guy that had cut the silhouette in 1960 and couldn’t resist having him cut another one.

Silhouettes age 4 and 52

Without kids we had a lovely day, we wandered around at our own pace, checking out the animals, looked at the crafts, we watched the family circus and had a ride on the ferris wheel (the capsules were air conditioned with piped music), we watched demonstrations, we sampled products and sat in the massage chairs and on the way out I bought some fairy floss.