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February 2008
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My Band Sampler 14 – Details 533 and 534 February 9th, 2008

My Band Sampler 14

Top row is a Basic Herringbone stitch done with 6 strands of cotton thread…Leaves are Straight stitches with 4 strands of cotton…plastic flowers stitched on with a bead complete the row.

bottom row is Linen hem stitching done with size 8 crochet thread…I am leaving the back of my sampler showing so that the back of the stitches can be seen but I don’t want seams showing on the back so I have hemmed the ends of the panel and will ladder or faggot stitch the panels together…

The first completed panel of my Band Sampler is 30 inches long and has 41 stitch variations.

My Band Sampler panel 1For the hem at the top of the panel I stitched over 3 threads which has given a bigger hole which I prefer.

My Band Sampler 14 hem

The only other time that I have hemmed Linen was 35 years ago when I hemmed a 50 inch square of Irish Linen for the Tablecloth that I embroidered with Spanish Blackwork for my School Certificate, which was enough hemming to imprint the how to on my brain forever because I had no trouble remembering how to do it…below is the tablecloth (which took me 12 months to embroider) and a detail of the embroidery.

Black Work Tablecloth

Detail of Black Work Tablecloth