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February 2008
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My Band Sampler – Coffee Dyed Fabric February 28th, 2008

Today all my sitching time went into stitching the binding on the edges of Panel 2 but I also have the 3rd Panel ready for stitching

The Fabric for Panel 3 is a tighter weave Linen, I backed it with loose weave cotton fabric the same as I did for Panel 2, this time I basted the 2 layers together more thoughly with a 5 lines of basting (blue is the centre line) running the length of the Panel…I hesitated in using this fabric because it was a little to white but decided that over the years I will use many different fabrics and they will all be different so this one will blend in with the rest but when I had it all prepared for stitching I really didn’t like the whiteness and remembered what I used to do with white lace before the ready availability of dyes and coloured lace, I dyed the lace with coffee and I plunged the Linen into a bowl of strong coffee, much nicer…I don’t know how archival coffee is but the laces I dyed more than 20 years ago show no sign of deterioration.

Panel #3 coffee dyed

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