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February 2008
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Take It Further – A Rethink / February 15th, 2008

take it Further January coloursLast week I decided to withdraw from the Take it Further Challenge…I hadn’t been real happy with my January post card and when came to interpretting my February design thoughts onto a post card I hit a brick wall, I am so enjoying my band sampler that I didn’t want to stop to think about other techniques needed to do a postcard…It goes against my grain to quit but I just wasn’t enjoying it and decided that the best thing to do was to withdraw.

A few hours later I rejoined when I thought of a way to incorperate the TIF challenge into what I am enjoying…For each month I will select threads and beads in the colour scheme and stitch 12 inches of my sampler with them and do a detail inspired by the design concept…

I have spent the last week doing a catch up using the January colours, below are the threads and beads I selected to work with and the image on the right is the 12 inches of sampler stitched with them…Working with the TIF colours is still a challenge particularly when they are colours that I don’t particularly like and would normally never use. The interesting thing though is that whilst I would never have chosen to use the January colours I do like how they stitched together.

take it Further January Threads and beads