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TAST Week 35 Shisha Stitch August 31st, 2007

shisha ideas in visual journalShisha stitch and Sharon has illustrated a different method than the one I knew so the first thing to do was to try Sharon’s directions

Sharon B\'s method for shisha

Conclusion I love Sharon’s method for anchoring the shisha to the fabric but prefer the stitch I have always done around the edge.

I then played around with doing a knotted stitch to hold the threads in place, rather than the stitch around the edge, I was looking for a lacey effect…A bit messy, The varigated thread makes it look confusing and I din’t really know what I was doing but I will give it another go because I think that it has potential.

knotted shisha

More Shishas tomorrow when hopefully I can get some better photos than I have been able to take tonight.