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Day 10 – ShiSha Mirror June 30th, 2006

Day 10 detail - Shi-Sha

Todays detail is a Shi Sha surrounded with a combination of detached chain stitch and fly stitch sealed with a colonial knot…

If you have ever tried to sew on a shi sha and given up in disgust I will encourage you to give it another go…as they are not that difficult once you know the tricks and are worth mastering because they are a lovely embellishment and the technicque can be ever so handy for attaching many interesting items to your crzy quilts.

items that can be attached with shisha

Shi Shas are held in place with straight stitches, the difficulty with sewing shi shas on is holding them in place while you do the first four stitches…to overcome this I suggest that you start with a sequin or coin charm that has a hole in it so that it can be stitched in place and wont fall out while you are trying to figure out where the next stitch goes…OR Learn/practice the stitch sequence on a circle drawn on some scrape fabric, then when you move onto the shisha you will know the stitch and can concentrate on holding it in place with your thumb.

Drawing a circle on the Fabric is what I did for my sample because it solved the problem I was having with the flash on the shi sha.

shi-sha 01shi-sha 02shi-sha 03shi-sha 04

These are the first 4 Straight Stitches that hold the shi sha in place…don’t pull the support stitches tightly as they need some movement so that they can be pulled closer to the edge when you do the edge stitching.

shi-sha 05shi-sha 06shi-sha 07shi-sha 08

Another 4 Straight Stitches complete the support structure for the edgeing.

how to hold shi sha

When you start you will possibly find it easier to go come up and go down as 2 motions, once you understand how the support structure works you will find that you can go down and come up with one motion.

shi-sha 09 blanket stitch

Step 1 of the edgeing stitch is worked by slipping the needle under all the threads from the centre to the edge of the shi sha and looping the thread under the needle as you do for a blanket stitch.

shi-sha 010 holding stitch

Step 2 is a small back stitch beside the shi sha which anchors the step 1 stitch to the background.

Repeat these 2 steps….

shi-sha 11 finishing the edge

The edge stitches can be close together as in the top of my sample or spaced apart as on the bottom of my sample…

POSTSCRIPT posted 31st Oct 2007
Sharon B has illustrated Shisha stitchfor Week 35 of Take a stitch Tuesday…She has shown a different method of anchoring the Shisha to the fabric and of the surrounding stitches…I have tried her method and love the way she anchors the shisha, but I prefer the method I have described above for the surrounding stitches.

10 Responses to “Day 10 – ShiSha Mirror”

  1. Kristie Says:

    I have always wondered how this is done. Thank you for the clear tutorial. I’m going to try it tonight!

  2. Suze Says:

    Annie…thanks for the very clear instructions. I am having so much fun following both yours and Sharon B’s series!
    Do you know what the term ‘shi sha’ means??

  3. Marty52 Says:

    Thank you… thank you… thank you… now I can do it too…. WooHoo!!

  4. Blythe Says:

    Cool! Thank you so much!..I’m going to try this too! question, would it be cheating to use a dab of fabric glue to stabilize the coin/trinket before stitching..making stitching easier without slipping around?

  5. beth Says:

    Wonderful tutorial! I knew how to do this once upon a time, but can never remember when I need it. Thanks!

  6. Andrea Says:

    Suze’s question got me curious, so I did a google search – Apparently “Shisha” is the Persian word for glass … lol
    (or so it says here – … interesting article actually … even though it isn’t about any kind of embroidery! LOL)
    This article – – says shisha means “little glass” in Hindi …
    er … take your pick?
    (methinks that maybe that if shisha glass originated in Persia, then maybe the Hindi speaking people just used the Persian word for it? … or vice versa … lol)

  7. Leslie Says:

    I know I’m a little late here, but this is an awesome tutorial! Thanks so much for explaining.

  8. BonnieDee Says:

    Very pretty! I was wondering..why not use a dab of FabriTac to hold the shi sha in place while stitching? .

  9. radhu Says:

    how to do a square and diamond mirror

  10. mangalagowri Says:

    not only beautyful…. totally different idea….. thank you

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