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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
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Introducing the Newest Princes August 4th, 2007

1994 - 2007 detail on backI didn’t do detailed photos of how I did the frame because besides being pressed for time it is not something that many people would ever want to do…I was delighted with how neatly it went together.

To keep with the frame theme I chose a brown paper coloured fabric for the back and my sister said that it needed to have a framers scribble on the back so we used a lead pencil to write 1994 – 2007 the years that I started and finished the quilt.

I will do a full label with everybodies names and details but in the meantime I have written the details on the fabric with a permenant ink pen.

Name label on Under the Mango Tree

To give the frame shape I made a seperate shape for each corner that I put on top like the moulding on some frames…the heart in the design just seemed to be appropriate for this quilt…And whilst I am in the corner I will introduce you to the newest little princess born about 6 weeks ago.

Frame Corner

To hang it I made the flap of the frame, that folded to the back at the top, into a rod pocket into which I have put a stick to hold the top straight and to the stick I have attached a chain, which came in handy for hanging the quilt out of the wind to take the photos…big image on flicka

Under the Mango Tree - memory quilt

An Hour to Spare August 4th, 2007

5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time…Mum’s Quilt is finished with an hour to spare….image on flicka