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Australia Day – Detail 121 January 26th, 2007

Today is Australia day and I have celebrated by embroidering the word AUSTRALIA as a seam treatment on my Box Top

Australia as a seam treatment

I used Stem Stitch because it gives a solid fine line and because you can get a nice flowing line by making the stitches tiny going around curves.

I did chunky free form lettering so that I wouldn’t get bogged down trying to get the letters all the same size.

I chose a thread that matched the colour on the next door patch so that it visually extends that colour into the patch with the embroidery and thus breaks the long seam line that this seam is a part of… I have taken a photo to show how this seam fits into the surrounding patches (this view also shows the TAST week 2buttonhole stitch fan and the TAST week 4 stitch from a couple of nights ago).

How Australia fits in