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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
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What Colour? January 6th, 2007

On the lower Part of my long seam down the middle of my block I want to embroider a vine which will simply hide where the seam is under it…It will also take some darker colour on to the left hand side of the block to balance the brown patch on the right.

When I thought about doing a vine I was thinking green stems, then I thought that brown might be better which led me to think that brown on one end and green on the other end would be good…Ummm I’ve got some brown dye…I did have the best intensions of putting some plastic on the table under the threads but forgot about it when I got carried away with impatients to see how it would work (that is why I love my work table because the mess just washes of it and if anything does stain the top it doesn’t matter and usually washes of in time anyway.)

altering the colour of the thread

I had to wait till the threads were dry to find out that it didn’t work to give me a brown through to green thread but the light green to dark green should work nicely anyway…I am going to visit a friend tonight and will take it with me to stitch while I am there.

I Won a Plant January 6th, 2007

This morning I rang the local ABC Radio Gardening Program to ask how far apart the black rubber weeper hoses should be…the answer was to lay it to the base of the plants however they are spaced…I was the last caller and a few minutes later my name was drawn out of the hat to win the weekly plant prize, the plant I won is a new hybrid called Grevillea Fireworks