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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
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TAST Week 5 Chevron Stitch _ Detail 124 January 30th, 2007

Visual Journal PageThis morning when I woke up I checked what this weeks TAST Stitch was and then went back to bed with a cup of coffee and my Visual Journal…I played around with changing the angle of the cross bar but it looked a bit higgledy-piggledy…I then played around with the idea of thread beads, either 2 seedbeads or 1 bugle bead, onto the cross bars, I think that adding beads is probably worth trying but as beads need a fine needle, It would need to be done with a fine thread…

The last sketch on the page is a row of narrow chevron overstitched with a row of wide Chevron, I like the shape of the spaces created and decided to start with that variation…as it turned out it was only a starting point as when I found the seam I wanted to do on my box top, the pink fabric on one side of the seam is to textured and bulky to stitch onto so I adjusted the stitch to be straight on one side…I chose a thread to match the pink patch so that it would move the pink into the green…I then used metalic thread to do detached chain stitchs and gold beads as a feature on the seam…The finished seam is different to my starting point which is one of the things that I love about crazy quilting.

TAST week 5 Chevron stitch