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Backdating January 13th, 2007

last week when
celebrated 3 years of Blogging and commented that ‘The tradition on an anniversary is to link to your first post’, I was reminded that I had never finished transfereing my old blog entries when I moved to my loopylace blog…I had saved all the files before it disappeared from cyber space and yesturday when I was looking through those files to find the gardening entries to put in the garden journal that I have started and as it happens one thing leads to another and while I had the files open I started transfering them onto wordpress, for each entry I need to copy and paste the words, upload the images, put them into appropriate catagory and edit the time stamp, once I had the rhythm going I got through them much quicker than I would have expected. For those that didn’t read my blog then they are the Achive entries prior to Sep 2005.