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Some Things the Same Somethings Different March 14th, 2006

This is the binding fabric that we chose for the second All that Jazz quilt…it is a quilters cotton which is easy fabric to work with, which is just as well because I had to cut the binding on the bias to get all the colours to show. I made this binding 1/2 inch wide and stitched it on the same as last time.

Binding Fabric

The rod pocket comes next which I have done differently because I was going to quilt hearts in the borders I couldn’t machine the rod pocket on as I did last time

I made the rod pocket the same but matched up the raw edges at the top and stitched it on with the binding before hand stitching the bottom edge….After stitching the binding on I folded the pocket up and then down so that the fold was level with the top of the quilt, this forms the pleat, and then pinned across the bottom.

putting in the pleat

This quilt is not nearly as heavy as the first one so there will not be as much stress on the rod pocket but I still want the stitches to go through the batting so that the batting takes its weight…At the same time I don’t want any stitches to come through to the front of the quilt…I have found that it is easiest to get a good grab of the batting and avoid stitches that would show on the front, by putting the needle through all the layers then pull it back through the front fabric so that the needle is between the layers take a long stitch and before pushing it back through the batting give the needle a wriggle to make sure that you havn’t caught the front fabric. I follow the long stitch with a short back stitch through the fold of the pocket so that the long stitches overlap just a little.

a long stitch

and a short back stitch

I have tacked the binding to the back so that I can photograph it which I will do tomorrow before taking it to my friend Anne E. who will stitch the binding down.

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