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My Band Sampler 90 – Detail 694 and 695 – 5th panel Started with Sampler Statistics August 13th, 2008

My Band Sampler 6 m0nths Statistics

It is 6 Months since I started this sampler and to mark the 6 months I have started the 5th panel with a summary of the information that I record on the back of the sampler.

The seam at the bottom is a row of elongated Algerian eye stitches.

I started backing the panels of my sampler with a light weight fabric because I like the firmer feel of the double layer of fabric…I then realized that I could also use the backing fabric to record statistical information…the number on the right hand side are the blog post detail numbers, numbers preceded by letters are the stitch count ie ch29 is the 29th chevron stitch variation, the number on the left side is the running count of details on the sampler, I also record the panel number and the date I start and finish each panel and along the edge I mark the length in feet and metres.

detail on back of band sampler

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  1. Vicki W Says:

    I don’t ususally post but I wanted you to know that I am really enjoying your project and appreciate your time in sharing it.

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