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December 2022
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My Band Sampler 92 – Detail 698 – Olympic Games August 24th, 2008

Olympic games on my sampler

This year I found myself watching a lot of the Olympic Games, to record it on my sampler I have combined several elements, as far as I can work out from Googleing Chinese symbols the Chinese character is that for Olympic games…The blank space is where I was going to embroider the Olympic rings but when I came to do them I remembered that there are strict rules as to when the rings can be used and I decided not to use them without permission, for now I have left the space blank although after the closing ceremony I thought that if I can find a small enough one, a Red London Bus would fit well, the colour would round out my design and it also links to the next games….I finished it with a scroll because I liked the way they used the scroll theme.

One Response to “My Band Sampler 92 – Detail 698 – Olympic Games”

  1. Mara Says:

    Hi Annie, I love your sampler and read your blog all the time, although I haven’t posted a comment before. Had to do it this time, though, to congratulate you on the Olympic section of your sampler. It looks similar to the section I am working on my sampler for the Olympics! I’m also doing the logo. Hope to finish it today then I’ll put it up on my blog.
    Cheers Mara (in Beijing)

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