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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
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Holiday Snaps – Day 2 October 3rd, 2007

ferry leaving magnetic islandIt was a brief overnight stay on the Island before we all headed off on the ferry back to the mainland and an hour and a halfs drive north to Macknade where my brother Joe and his family live.

Sugar Cane is one of the main industries in north Queensland and the drive took us past many kilometers of cane fields and the occassional cane train as it is harvesting season.

Sugar cane train

As we approached Macnade the Sun was setting.


toasting marshmellowsJoe had a fire going in his front yard to burn out an old tree stump and we used it to enjoy some toasted marsh mellows.

A Bit of Fun October 3rd, 2007

A Bit Of FunI found this image and thought that it would be fun to share it…about 20 years ago brouches with a collection of beads, buttons and charms glued to them, were fashionable…At a retreat that I was attending a lady brought along her button tin and the makings for a brooch, I sat down beside her and started looking through her button tin which was one of those good ones that had lots of odd bits other thatn buttons in it and I started picking out the odd bits and suggesting to her that she use them on her brooch and when she kept rejecting my offerings I said in, a pretend huff, ‘well I will make my own’ and I found a big button and glued all the odd bits to it, they created a fun brooch that looked a lot better than I expected it to.