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Holiday Snaps – Day 3 October 4th, 2007

Prawn Pond

Thursday was mostly a family catchup day, part of which we did visit the Prawn Farm where Joe works…the photo above is one of the prawn ponds, the photo below is the pattern formed on the bottom of the pond when they are emptied to harvest the prawns.

Pattern on bottom of empty prawn pond

We didn’t see any prawns but were greeted by Ostrichs


greenantMy son showed me how to catch a green ant and lick its tail to tast the bitter/sweet nector stored there.

Steve knowing what to look for spied a baby crocadile on the other side of the creek, I would never have seen it without having it pointed out to me.


FishingNeither my brother nor my son can pass water without wanting to throw a fishing line in.