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Holiday Snaps – Day 1 October 2nd, 2007

My flight left Canberra at 6.35 am, changed planes in Brisbane, arrived at Townsville at 10.30 am, picked up by brother Steve and his Family, who were also holidaying in Northern Queensland, a short drive to the ferry terminal were my son, Sam was waiting to accompany us over to Magnetic Island.

At this point I thought that a map would be helpful to explaining where I have visited.

Map of Magnetic Island

The Ferry docks at Nelly Bay, where we were met by Sam’s friend who made 2 trips to take all of us and our bags up to Horseshoe Bay where they live.

view from ferry at Nelly Bay

beach at Horseshoe BayThe day was overcast and drizzling rain but not enough to dampen our spirits, actually it was lovely to see rain it is so long since it has rained in Canberra, and it did fine up so that we could head down to the beach…

We went to Bungalow Bay Backpackers, where my son works, for dinner and had a fun evening participating in there trivia night.

The bright red seaplane in this photo of Horseshoe Bay is The Red Baron, more about the Red Baron in a later post.

The Red Baron

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  1. Susan Says:

    Oh, thanks for the map! I’m very much a map person. Love the seaplane – looks wonderful sitting there, providing a bit of color.

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