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December 2023
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Twin Stockings_17 and My Band Sampler 126 – Detail 812 November 24th, 2008

candy stitch on first stockingStitch repeated on same seam with different setting…when I reread what I just wrote I thought maybe I have done a few to many cryptic crossword puzzles lately…When my sister saw the Candy stitch that I did on one of the stockings she thought that it should be on both stockings because it is such a happy stitch, I decided to do it on the matching seam of the second stocking…I like that even though the candy stitches are the same colours and angles on both stockings, the different embellishment at the bottom of the seam gives each a different look.

The iron on Noel motif is the same as on one of the original stockings and as well as adding holly beads to the motif I added holly beads to some of the holly on the bear fabric.

Candy and Holly for Christmas

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  1. susan Says:

    I love that you call it the candy stitch. =) That’s what it looks like.

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