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December 2022
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Twin Stockings_13 and My Band Sampler 122 – Details 803 and 804 November 2nd, 2008

Christmas Candy on stocking

Christmas Candy

I described how to stitch these little Christmas candies in this previous post …This time I have done them with different coloured wrappings.

An advantage of working on the sampler is that if I have an idea I can try it and record it at the time, as I was stitching the candies I realized that longer stitches would probably make a Christmas BonBon/cracker I needed to put 2 couching stitches at each end to get the shape of the cracker end and the tension of the outside stitches is a little harder to gauge but on the whole it does make a good BonBon.

One Response to “Twin Stockings_13 and My Band Sampler 122 – Details 803 and 804”

  1. Pat Morello Says:

    I learn so much from you. I’ve started my own sampler and am using that as my practice for the standard stitches. I love that you make things up and try it on the sampler. The crackers look great, but I love the stars in the sky. You are really inspiring me, thanks so much for posting these.


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