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Thumb Pin Cushions January 21st, 2008

I made the pink thumb pin cushion at Nowra Crazy Quilt Retreat and have had a couple of requests for the pattern, today I have got around to writing the instructions… I had to remember/work out how to make it and got the size of the square wrong on my first attempt, the gold one, and it is on the tight fit side…
pink thumb pin cushionThumb Pin Cushion #2

I also realized that to illustrate it clearly I needed a fabric with a right and wrong side, that is when I chose the fabric that matches the work box I showed last night.

To make your own start with a 4 inch square of an even weave fabric.

Turn one corner to the wrong side as per the photo.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 1

Fold the square, right sides together, diagonally with the turned under corner at one end.

Starting at the turned under corner, use a 1/4 inch seam to stitch 2 edges of the triangle, stopping a 1/2 inch before the end.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 2

Clip the point to reduce bulk.

In the middle of the fold cut a 1 inch slit along the fold.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 3

Turn right side out through the hole, pushing the unturned corner all the way through.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 4

Stuff the central portion until it is firm.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 5

Turn the edges of the slit in and whip stitch to close the hole… This is a little finddly and you may find that it puckers a bit as you stith it, Don’t stress if is not real neat as this seam is on the inside of the finished ring.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 6

Wrap the long points around your thumb and use a pin to mark the overlap.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 7

Poke the raw point into the turned under corner pin and test size…adjust until it is a comfortable fit…Stitch the ends together.

Thumb Pin Cushion step 8

Happy Stitching.

Thumb Pin Cushion #3

81 Responses to “Thumb Pin Cushions”

  1. Pincushion Projects | doll envy Says:

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  2. Jessie Says:

    A wonderful idea and very clear tutorial. Thank you.

  3. Jessie Says:

    Fantastic just made one and will be making more, thanks again.

  4. kelly Says:

    i’m from belgium, and i like it… it never leaves my thumb xxx

  5. Tons of Tutes- Odds & Ends Says:

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  6. Barbara Garner Says:

    Thank you for the tut! I have worn mine out and didn’t know how to replace it. You are so nice – the tut is very professional. Love your entire site. bg

  7. Jackie C. Says:

    A great tutorial. I’m a beader and sewer. I find this works wonderful when I’m working with a fine needle while stringing beads. I’m no longer searching my work space to find the needle after setting it down while I work with the beads. I’m now able to hold both the beads and needle in one hand as I use the other for my beads. Pass this on to all your beading friends.

  8. Dot Says:

    Made my first one really cute, and handy

  9. Betsy Says:

    Just found this on Pinterest and am excited to make one for my sister, who makes costumes for a theater company. She will enjoy this handy little pincushion.

  10. ruth Says:

    thank you for your fab tutorial, just made one and its brilliant!

  11. Nancy Zykan Says:

    I love this. Thanks so much!

  12. Bernie Says:

    Thanks! I can’t wait to try it!

  13. F. Griffin Says:

    Hi! I LOVE this! I made one tonight for my Pastor’s wife in mere minutes with a scrap of leftover fabric. (Mine’s next!) Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

  14. D. Bowman Says:

    Just talking about this type of pincushion at my guild’s quilt show today with one of the older menbers and then I found it here made one great tutorial

  15. Ramona Says:

    Love this pincushion! Definitely making one (or two!) Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jenny Says:

    For stuffing, you can use 0000 steel wool . . or an SOS scouring pad.
    Either one sharpens your needles as you insert the pins/needles. Polyester fiberfill tends to dull.

  17. Kellie Says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It is such a fabulous idea and so easy to make! Because I could definitely already feel the sticks in my thumb, (yeah, I’m pretty accident prone!) I made one littler
    alteration…before slip stitching the one inch opening closed, I stuck a penny in it. Not only did it help to hold back the stuffing while stitching closed, but it will also sit on top of the thumb and keep me from sticking pins in myself! Simple solution!!

  18. maya Says:

    Thank you for your lovely tutorial. I am going to try it.

  19. Daisy Says:

    Tutorial still popular as you can see by the date of my comment. Thanks, was in need for this handy tool.

  20. Jennifer Anderson Says:

    Just came across your article on Pinterest. I’m glad I did and I love your thumb Pin cushion. I’m going to make a few to give to my friends at our sewing group and one for myself. Many thanks for sharing.
    Jenny Anderson

  21. Sharon Says:

    This little gem is so clever! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Janis Says:

    I saw where someone asked what to fill pincushion with, my grandmother, mother and I have always used sawdust. I usually use the light weight pillow ticking for the cover as it is very tightly woven. Also for the larger cushions I have also used light woven canvas. Very durable and lasts along time. In fact I still use the canvas pincushion my mother made me about 50 yes ago.

  23. Nancy Says:

    glad i was able to find this pattern. Had a little trouble making it w/4″ sq. working w/5″ sq worked well. What a handy little piece of sewing equip. I love it!!

  24. Mary Ann Says:

    Great tutorial! I have the exact printed fabric you chose. Bought it over 23 years ago and still have more than enough to make your cute pin cushion! Thank you!

  25. Felicity Says:

    Thanks very much

  26. Pamela Says:

    Annie, Thanks for the pattern. I was given one of these about 20 years ago and lost it, so sad because it was so handy. Now I can make some – for me and my friends. Thanks again.

  27. Pam Smart Says:

    Brilliant just made one. Thanks

  28. Jean Says:

    These are best stuffed with sawdust. I used to make these and sell them on my craft stall. You’ll find that you don’t stab yourself quite so easily. It’s after the style of the Victorian pincushions that were mostly made out of velvet and decorated in the most beautiful way

  29. Averil Breese Says:

    I cut out the squares and took them to a meeting and sat and sowed them, took them home and turned them inside out and stuffed them, sowed up whole at the top and joined them, did find it fiddly but persevered and WOW it worked

  30. Marie Goodfellow Says:

    thank you for pattern, made them years ago but forgot how useful they are

  31. Joyce delaRosa Says:

    Your thumb pin cushion is such a cute idea. Thank you for the tutorial. I have 5 sisters and we are always looking for unique “just because” gifts. This one for sure is going on my list.

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