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Work Box and Accessories January 20th, 2008

This is a Work Box and Accessories that I made as a gift in 1987…I have picked it to show tonight because it has a follow up in tomorrow nights post.

Workbox and Accessories

6 Responses to “Work Box and Accessories”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You mean we have to wait and be kept in suspense. (LOL) Your box looks great as do the goodies inside.

  2. michele picard Says:

    i am living in Switzerland and I discovered NOW your fabulous site . What a wonderfull box !Iwander if you are giving some tutorial ?
    Excuse my English , I am French speaking.
    have a nice day

  3. Barbara Says:

    My thoughts exactly. The box is wonderful and I hope you are posting the instructions!!!

  4. linda Says:

    That is a beautiful sewing kit! I admire your other ideas and work as well.

  5. Mary Wilson Says:

    A wonderful item. Are instructions to follow soon? I would love to see how you made that amazing item.

  6. patty Pat Says:

    what is the name of the pattern and who published it? Are you going to give directions to make one and the items inside the box? we should really get a life. But I love these type of things and challenge myself to make them . thanks for posting .

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