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Trying again – Detail 187 March 5th, 2007

at the bottomAfter I posted yesturday I realized that I may have made the stitch look a little confusing because by not thinking ahead I had started the herringbone on the right hand end which meant that to have the scollops at the bottom of the seam (and still be able to stitch the underneath thread of the crossover first) I had to work the bottonhole from right to left and although doing buttonhole in the reverse direction direction is not difficult it does make the illustration look a bit cackhanded so I decided to give it another go (I like stitching this seam treatment, it is not quick but its repetitive nature makes it a good seam to do while I am watching TV).

To make this seam distinctive from the ones last night I stitched the scollops in alternating colours which also has the advantage of making the illustrations clearer…

at the topI have also added an extra image image to show how when the end of the underlapping scollop is finished the thread is sitting on top of it ready for the next scollop ….Last night I also forgot to mention that using a tapestry needle for the buttonhole stitch makes it easier to slip the needle under the herringbone thread without catching the fabric beneath.

end of scollop

Detail 187

5 Responses to “Trying again – Detail 187”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, thanks so much for these extra pictures and a great idea about switching colors. I was able to relax when I got home from work today and tried reworking these. It went so easy and ended up looking much better. Thanks again for the demo!

  2. Flora Says:

    Oh my ! I never thought to do it that way!
    the stitches are so much neater!
    how lovely & uniform yours are, mine look wiggly & twisted. I’ll have to try that nexed time, & you have mutch more control over the way it lays too. thankyou somuch for the close ups I’m gonna try that!)

  3. How to do detached buttonhole stitch (hedebo) as a decorative stitch · Needlework @ CraftGossip Says:

    […] Annie uses a herringbone stitch to “anchor” the buttonhole stitch down at its center. To see how she does it, check out this post and this one, too. […]

  4. Heather Says:

    These instructions are AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing them …

  5. Gail Says:

    This is beautiful, Annie. I will give this a try. Thank you.

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