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– Details 185 and 186 March 4th, 2007

buttonhole over herringbone

Above is one of the seams on my box top below I have repeated it on mums memory quilt…It is Buttonhole stitch worked over the threads of Herringbone Stitch.

The cotton pearl thread I used for the seam above stitched up more evenly and neater than the softer silk thread I used for todays seam…I do like the way varigated thread works in this seam treatment.

buttonhole over herringbone

when working this seam treatment you will find that the buttonhole stitch wants to twist around the herringbone stitch thread but this is not a problem as the thread is stabalized at the bottom of the curve and again at the top with the seal off stitch at the end of the loop…At the bottom of the curve work a couple of stitches going under both threads of the herringbone, this will stop the twist at this point.

at the bottom...

At the top work up to the cross of the herringbone threads then pass your needle under the top thread before doing the last couple of buttonhole stitches.

at the topSee next post for more information…

4 Responses to “– Details 185 and 186”

  1. Ati Says:

    Annie, Thank you very much for your clear photos and your explanation.
    I am glad I found your site again after my PC crash last year. I often visit by and have learned so much of you.
    Thanks again !!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Annie, that is so inventive and looks so good! I will have to try that for myself. It looks like the tricky part for me might be buttonholing the crossed stitces at the top. I understand what you’re explaining, but the doing of it might be another matter.

  3. corina Says:

    Your blog is full of nice surprises:)Thank you for your explanations!

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