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July 2022
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Day 31 Prairie Points July 21st, 2006

Praire Points

In this Detail you can see

A Tassel Stitch which I will demo in the next few days as part of another detail.

Another way to surround a Shi Sha.

The seam to the right is a row of Herringbone Stitch that I made wider and narrower as I worked along the seam, I followed the curve of the Herringbone with a row of Blanket Stitch and finished with a row of Stem Stitch in close to the Blanket Stitch to give it more visual weight.

The main focus of todays detail which are the Prairie Points..One a basic Prairie Point which I have further embellished with beads and one that has a flash of a second colour.

Praire Points how to a

For the basic Prairie Point start with a 2 inch square of a fabric that will hold a crease when you iron it…Iron the square in half and turn the corners down so that the folds meet in the middle and all the raw edges line up…Insert Prairie Points in the seams while you are piecing the block.

Praire Points how to b

For the Prairie Point with the flash of a second colour, stitch 2 pieces of fabric together and cut the square so that One piece is bigger than the other so that when you fold the square in half a little of one colour shows along the folded edge….Iron the seam towards the side of the smaller fabric patch.

Praire Points how to 3

Place the folded square on the ironing board with the 2 coloured side facing down, when you turn the corners down the second colour comes to the front.

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  1. allison aller Says:

    This is nifty! Thanks, Annie!! 😉

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