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December 2008
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Twin Stockings_19 and My Band Sampler 128 – Details 815 to 817 – And an Experiment December 4th, 2008

Zig Zag Cable Chain Stitch

Cable Chain Stitch which was TAST Week 36, this seam is Zig Zag Cable Chain…

Sometimes Cable Chain Stitch gets a twist in it…I wanted to know why, not just so that I could avoid it happening but also so that I can make it happen because I like the twist…To find out I did some experiments on my Sampler…

My Conclusions.

The twist can be caused by Stitch Tension…If the thread is loosely wrapped around the needle when the needle is pulled through the fabric it is more likely to have a twist then if the thread is snugly wrapped around the needle.

The twist can be caused by the distance between the chains…A short space between the loops is more likely to twist then a longer stitch.

The twist can be caused by the type of thread…Rayon the most likely to twist.

The twist can, and is most likely to be, caused by thickness of thread…The thicker the thread the more likely it is to twist…

Summary…Thick Rayon Thread makes the Best Twists.

While I was working the zig zag portions of my experiments I noticed that when the thread twisted each side of the zig zag line looked different…For the last 2 stitches at the bottom edge of the last line I worked the stitch as a mirror image of the top edge by wrapping the thread around the needle in the reverse direction which makes the stitch sit very nicely.

Cable Chain Stitch