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December 2008
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Twin Stockings_26 – Details 824 and 825 – Finished December 19th, 2008

Click Here For instructions How to make a Christmas Stocking

a christmas light and bells trim this hanger Bells and a Bear in a wagon finish this hanger

The last thing to done to finish the Christmas stockings is to add a hanger with bells and trim…Click here for instructions how to twist ribbon for the bells…For the twisted ribbon I had some lovely red ribbon for the stocking on the right but it was just to soft to hold any sort of twisting, until this point I had been alternating the red and green trims doing each a different colour but I didn’t have another red ribbon to hand and picked up a some green ribbon, I did ask my son what colour the ribbon should be and he said red because the other one was green but said I you expect to be red and I like to do the unexpected so the question is does a green ribbon suit this stocking, and we decided that it did and I put red back up into the area with a red christmas light (this one is bigger than the little green christmas light in last nights detail)…Both the Christmas lights ended up on the same stocking instead of one on each, a little oops in concentration but then I was doing right for what was visually best for the hanger trim and again having them both on the same stocking is the unexpected which I like.

Green Bauble Button to hide stitching Red Bauble button to hide stitchingOn the inside of the stocking I usually use beads to cover the stitches from sewing the hanger and trim on but for these stockings I have used christmas bauble buttons to cover the stitches.

I have just realized that with Finished in the subject I maybe should have images of the finished stockings here but they are going to have to wait till tomorrow.