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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
September 2008
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My Band Sampler 97 – Details 715 to 719 September 4th, 2008

threaded arrowhead and back stitch

Take it further July coloursThe first line is Threaded Arrowhead Stitch.

The second line is also Threaded Arrowhead Stitch but using a smaller stitch which doesn’t look as different from the first line as I thought it would…this is the last line of Arrowhead..

The Third Line is the Start of Back Stitch…and no I haven’t flipped the image by mistake, it just appealed to my sense of humour to stitch back stitch backwards.

The 4th line is Whipped Back Stitch…the first have of the line shows the bigger back stitches that I did, the second half of the line shows how whipping the back stitch with the same colour makes a more solid line.

The 5th line is back stitch whipped with a contrasting thread, I have also done a couple of different lengths of backstitch along the line to show how the shorter stitches alter the look of the whipped backstitch.

The 4th line is also the finish of my Take it Further July colours (I am stitching a foot on my sampler with each of the take it further colours)

and the 5th row is also the start of my Take it Further August coloursSharon has made the thread selection of threads for the August colours very easy for me, on the last wed of July she gave me some of the threads that she had recently bought, the next week I found out that she had used those threads for the August colours.

My Band Sampler 96 – Details 711 to 714 September 3rd, 2008

Arrowhead Stitch

sketch for arrowhead variationI did a quick sketch of my idea for the first line and then it twisted my mind until I figured out that some of the arrowhead stitches (turned out to be every 4th stitch) have to be bigger than the others, it was worth working out because it makes a lovely seam.

The second line is the arrowhead variation that I did last year for TAST.

Line 3 is a 2 stitch Variation of the second line, when I realized that it was a row of upside down hearts I mirrored it with a second row so that I could do a single row, the bottom line, the other way up to show the hearts.

My Band Sampler 95 – Details 706 to 710 – September 2nd, 2008

Arrowhead stitch

Line one is a row of alternating small and large arrowhead stitches

Line 2 is groups of overlapped reducing sized arrowhead stitch…the line is unfinished because that is where the length of thread ran out and the unfinished line will remind me that this variation uses a lot of thread.

Line 3 is side by side arrowhead stitches and I did a row in each of the TIF July colours.

Line 4 is 2 rows of side by side arrowhead stitches both worked in the same colour to create a zig zag line.

Line 5 is a row of different sized arrowhead stitches worked side by side and then a second row mirroring the first.

My Band Sampler 94 – Details 702 to 705 – My Fair Lady September 1st, 2008

overlapped rows of Arrowhead Stitch

The first way that I played with Arrowhead Stitch was to overlap rows.

The first line is a row of arrowhead overlaid with a second row worked in the opposite direction.

groups of 3 arrowhead stitchesThe second line is a pattern formed by doing groups of 3 arrowhead stitches overlaid by a second row of groups of 3 worked in the opposite direction.

The 3rd line is memory of a wonderful night at the theater…a friend rang on Friday night, he had spare tickets for My Fair Lady on Saturday night and would I and my sister like to go…we loved to go…The hats where magnificent and I am looking for a hat charm to put on the edge.

The bottom line is a pattern formed by doing groups of 2 arrowhead stitches and overlaying them with a second row worked in the opposite direction…I cropped the image below slightly larger than the seam so that you can see the tacking stitches I do to keep the rows straight and the pencil spots I use to mark the spacing when it is to hard to count the threads.

groups of 2 arrowhead stitches