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TAST Week 29 and Week 27 – Details 341 to 345 July 20th, 2007

In the first section of the the join from yesturday I did Portuguese Stem Stitch and then continued the French knots on the block above so that they trailed over the seam.

Portuguese Stem Stitch

The second section is Double knot Stitch, I do really enjoy doing this stitch and I like the repition of one element when everything else is different.

Double Knot Stitch

The third section asked me for a wider seam, I think because the lace motif got cramped against the seam and needed more pink background at the top, whatever the reason it gave me a seam to do Arrowhead Stitch which is this weeks TAST stitch.

Arrowhead Stitch

On the fourth section I have done Coral Stitch which you can’t really see in the photo because it can’t really be seen on the block. Coral Stitch

Painted Bullion Stitch BranchTAST Week 27 was Bullion Stitch, I don’t much like doing Bullion knots but I did like the way Elizabeth used Bullion knots for the trunk of a tree…Ah thinks me that is how I can do a branch to hang the swing from…I left the last section of the previous join for the Swing.

Great Texture but my choice of threads didn’t work I used several shades of threads to get the colouring that I wanted but didn’t count how they would work in the Bullion knots and I ended up with a rather more specled branch than I wanted.

Bullion Stitch Branch

A little bit of grey paint was the easy solution…The swing is a couple of threads and a tiny bit of wood, I have left it hanging loose from the tree and hope that it doesn’t catch on things because I don’t want to stitch it down.

2 Responses to “TAST Week 29 and Week 27 – Details 341 to 345”

  1. JoWynn Johns Says:

    I love the way you leave imperfections in your work and find ways to make things that didn’t turn out at first the way you wanted just right in the end.

  2. Susan Says:

    Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I love every seam. The knots coming over look terrific. I tried that double knot stitch, and I really liked it, though I should have used a thicker thread, I think. I love the way the branch worked out. I’m not crazy about bullion stitches either. =) Looks great for the knarly branch, though! Love the swing. These are all wonderful additions to the quilt.

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