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My Band Sampler 31 – Tassel – Detail 578 March 5th, 2008

Buttonhole stitch top on a tasselButtonhole Stitch can be used to make a cover for the top of Tassels…

To make a Tassel wrap thread around a piece of cardboard a little longer (to allow for trimming) than you want the finished tassel to be…poke a length of thread between the cardboard and wrapped threads and tie the bundle at one end, slip the bundle off the cardboard.

I poked a small ball of batting between the threads at the top to give shape to the top of my tassel.

Cut a length of thread about 20 inches long (needs to be long enough to work the buttonhole stitch) and tie one end around the top of the tassel…use a tapestry needle to thread the short end down into the tassel and with the long end buttonhole stitch onto the thread around the tassel and then continue to work into the last row of stitching until top is covered, with the last couple of rows work into every second stitch of the previous row to shape the cover.

Form a cord by plaiting the 3 threads that are at the top of the tassel.

Cut and trim the threads at the bottom of the tassel.

How to make a tassel step 1How to make a tassel step 2

How to make a tassel step 3