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Painted Easter Eggs 2008 March 25th, 2008

our 2008 painted easter eggs

These are our 2008 Painted Easter Eggs and below are detailed images of a few of them.

Lily 2008 egg

Lily used her cat, Tiger, as inspiration for this egg, In past years I have given her assistance cutting and glueing the ears and extra bits to her eggs, this year age 11 she did the entire thing herself. I love the cat’s tail, it is a piece of one of the skewers that we put the eggs on when painting them.

Lauren 2008 egg

janice 2008 eggLauren has used her life at uni for her inspiration dividing her egg into halves, one half for the series study at the Australian National University, the other half for the social life.

For her inspiration my sister used the same image of our mum that I used on mum’s memory quilt, under the Mango tree.

I also used mum’s memory quilt for inspiration (and continued a theme that has run through my work)…I Painted a cloths line on my egg…I put a post on either side of the egg and ran a line around each side, when I saw the magnified image I could see that it is not very well painted but at egg size it looks good…When you can hold the egg and spin it the design works well but it is the hardest yet to photograph.

my 2008 egg