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Block 17 finished – Detail 209 March 25th, 2007

detail209detail of a detailAlong the lower edge of the curve in Detail 204 there are some beads stitched on with the thread fanning out below them, I didn’t draw attention to them when I posted because I didn’t have a sample of how to do them…so I have done another seam that shows them off a little more and I have done a sample to illustrate the how to.

You need beads that you can pass the needle and thread through 3 times…Make the middle stitch through the bead first, come up in the same hole and make a second stitch to one side pulling the stitch tight enough to pull the bead to that side, then come up in the same hole again and make the third stitch to the other side tightening the stitch until the bead is again in the centre this locks the beads at one end of the threads.

beads attached with 3 straight stitchs

And below is the 17th finished block for mums quilt

17th block for mums quilt