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Braid and Beads – Detail 210 March 26th, 2007

braid and beads

how to stitch hanging beadsEven the simplest Braid can be made into a stunning seam treatment with the additon of beads…The beads can be used to stitch the braid on but I find it easier to mange if I start by tacking the braid in place with a matching thread and then stitching the beads on.

I have put the dangling beads on every second pattern of the braid because I thought that the hanging beads would look to congested if I put the them on every space, I then to make them look integrated with the pattern I used different beads in the alternating part of the pattern.

To stitch the hanging beads under the briad bring the thread up at the top of the dangle…put 3 seed beads, I larger bead and 2 more seed beads onto the thread…put the needle back through the first seed bead and back down the same hole that you started.