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Children’s Toy’s – Altered Book Page September 7th, 2006

The start

The toys on the pull out gave me the theme for this page, to which I initially stuck a few pictures of old toys…the next thing I did was paint over the white around the pictures and then I painted completely over the red car because it was to bright…I added more paint and stopped only when I realized that I was loosing the words on the page and I did want to keep some of them just visible in the background.

cardboard springs
The next layer I added was the rocking horse, train, doll and ballerina which I found on a tissue box…I attached the ballerina with pieces of cardboard folded into a concertina so that they work like springs to make the ballerina dance above the page…I like how the horse and train blend in leaving the doll and the ballerina as focal points…The page was looking good but needed something else…

Miniature book
…I liked the books on the shelf beside the doll and decided to make a miniature book for the page…I used some of the page bits that I cut out to put in the drawers, I glued a piece of ribbon down the spine to reinforce it, I glued on front and back end pages which in turn were glued to the cover…To attach it, I cut 2 slots in the altered book page which the back cover of the mini book slip through.

Miniature Picture Book
I found the cover picture in a decoupage book that my mother found at an opp shop, it had some whole pages and a lot of part pages that had pictures cut form them as well as lots of already cut out pictures…while looking through what was there I found some tiny pictures that gave me an idea for how to make a second little book which turned out really cute, I stuck it to the bottom of the pull out so that it hides away between the pages until the tab is pulled…I also added a new tab which tells the reader to PULL on it…I like how interactive this page became.

You can see in the image below that I am having some trouble with the book coming breaking along the spine…I thought about trying to repair/patch it but after checking carefully that the pages were securely attached to the pages before and after so that they weren’t going to fall out I decided to leave it as it is because it adds to the old look of the page and sort of reminds the reader that it is a book.

The finished Toy Page

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  1. Janet Whitehead Says:

    Really enjoying your posts.. inspiring, cool techniques, and fun!

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